The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia is managed by its members through elected or appointed representatives in the Chamber’s bodies. The Chamber’s bodies are General Assembly, Managing Board, Supervisory Board, President, and Director of the Chamber. Members of the Chamber discharge their functions in bodies and act in other forms of operations and decision making of the Chamber on a voluntary basis unless provided otherwise by the Statute. The office term in the Chamber’s bodies is four years. Members of the bodies continue to perform their duties after their term ends until new members are elected or appointed.

The General Assembly is the highest management body of the Chamber and comprises 92 representatives. The General Assembly consists of representatives from:

  • regional chambers of craft and small business with 1 representative each (62 representatives);

  • sections with 30 representatives, 1 per each section.

The Managing Board is the management and executive body of the General Assembly with 11–15 members from representatives in the General Assembly. The Managing Board is chaired by President of the Chamber who acts as the chair of the Managing Board and its formateur. The chair and the formateur shall provide for the composition of the Managing Board to include representatives from different regional chambers of craft and small business and representatives from sections of different activities.

The duties of all bodies of the Chamber and of administrative departments are laid down in the Statute of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia.