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Why it pays to be a member of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business?

The opinions of course differ, but the following is certainly true: a member familiar with everything the Chamber as an effective protector of the rights and interests of craftsmen and entrepreneurs wins in the form of better legislation and using at least some of the services offered by the Chamber has invested the membership fee well.
1. We are a chamber of the small and represent their voice. The Chamber of Craft and Small Business was established by craftsmen forty years ago because we did not want to be lumped up with big businesses in the government-controlled chamber. The small ones have many common interests and problems different from those facing big businesses. The small ones always come off worse when joined with the big.
2. We are familiar with the problems and interests of craftsmen and small businesses and successfully represent them before the government. When teamed up in our chamber and in professional sections by “industry", the small ones become loud, powerful and influential. We manage to achieve the majority of our demands each year. Our core principles as regards legislation are the following: Equality between big and small is inequality of the small. Think Small First! Why can’t we make it better for everyone? Taking new paths for a better tomorrow! Together we are stronger!
3. We are close to our members. Our experts consulting on different matters such as general consulting on entrepreneurship, company incorporation, financing, public tenders, grants, taxes, labour law, wages and salaries, accounting, civil and company law, technical legislation, safety at work, environmental protection, technical regulations and standards etc. are available in 63 major towns of Slovenia (at the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia in Ljubljana and at 62 regional chambers of craft and small business). The guiding principle of our consultants is: We can do it better, faster and cheaper.
4. We render state-of-the-art services to our members and each one receives our full attention. We are aware of the value of the membership fee paid by each member, who has access to all our knowledge obtained through practice, all connections and all influence we possess. Our staff offers concrete advice and various benefits to more than 10,000 members each year enhancing their competitiveness on the domestic and foreign markets.
5. We make sure that members are well informed. They receive the Obrtnik podjetnik magazine with the Obrtnikov svetovalec supplement as well as the bulletins of regional chambers of craft and small business and can freely access our website containing over a thousand pieces of up to date information. 
6. Membership in the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia offers a number of other benefits. Our Mozaik podjetnih card is more than an id card, it enables members to claim a number of benefits and discounts, for example: cheaper products and services, cheaper electricity, mobile phones, insurance, cheaper training and education, cheaper presence on fairs, attending business conferences, presentation on the website etc.