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Sections and committees

The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia also links its members by activity. Thirty professional sections (successors of guilds) and two committees have been established for that purpose.

  • Building Cleaners Section
  • Car Mechanics Section
  • Cement Makers, Stonecutters and Terrace Makers Section
  • Chimneysweepers Section
  • Construction Section
  • Cosmeticians Section
  • Craft Associations Section
  • Domestic Arts and Crafts Section
  • Electricians Section
  • Electronics and Mechatronics Section
  • Energy Installations Section
  • Florists and Gardeners Section
  • Flooring Section
  • Food Producers Section
  • Funeral Services Section
  • Glass Makers Section
  • Goldsmiths and Jewellers Section
  • Hairdressers Section
  • Metal Processing Section
  • Opticians Section
  • Painting and Paperhanging Section
  • Photographs Section
  • Plastics Section
  • Printing Section
  • Retailers Section
  • Skin Processing Section
  • Textile Makers Section
  • Textile Maintainers Section
  • Tinsmiths and Roofers Section
  • Tourism and Catering Section
  • Transport Section
  • Wood Section

Tasks of sections:
  • monitor the conditions of work and business of its members and perform a number of activities to improve them (quality, standardisation, introducing modern technologies etc.);
  • propose amendments to the legislation and represent the interests of members of the section in negotiating industry-wide collective agreements;
  • promote common interests of members in bodies of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia and other institutions;
  • provide for regular and supplementary professional training of its members, joint promotional activities and respect for good business customs and promote rational use of energy and protection of the environment.